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CentrEau Weekly Webinar | Forecasting floods: a team effort

25th webinar of the series entitled "Forecasting floods: a team effort", in collaboration with the Intersectorial Flood Network of Quebec

Invited speaker: Prof. François Anctil, Université Laval, regular member of CentrEau
François Anctil is a professor in the Department of Civil and Water Engineering at Université Laval. An important part of his activities focuses on the description of the uncertainty of flood forecasting systems.

Language: French, with slides in French

Summary: This webinar, aimed at non-specialists, focuses on the flood forecasting system modelling chain: meteorological model, hydrological model, river model and diagnostic tool. Particular emphasis will be placed on the flow of information and expertise required as well as the state of the art of these systems.

See his slideshow » (PDF, 953 Ko)

New series of weekly CentrEau webinars "all about water management". These short 20-minute presentations will be offered live every Thursday at 1 p.m. followed by a short discussion period. CentrEau professors and researchers, as well as guest speakers, will present their research work and its importance in a semi-popularized manner. Watch the previous webinars on our YouTube Channel!