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Membership types


A regular member is a researcher who contributes significantly to the achievement of the scientific programming or physical infrastructure of the strategic cluster. A person from a member institution must have been a collaborating member for at least one year. Every other person must, to become a regular member, have been a collaborating member for at least 3 years. See the statutes to know how to apply.


A collaborating member is a researcher contributing on an ad hoc or occasional basis to the realization of the scientific programming or material infrastructure of the strategic cluster. See the statutes to know how to apply.

Why be a member of CentrEau?
  • Get to know each other: know who is working on water in Quebec
  • Have a greater significance (public decision making, for example)
  • Seed money for research projects
  • Networking
  • Joint grant applications
  • Support for events organized by members
  • Student symposia
  • Consolidate information on water
  • Outreach: the student outreach program will give you opportunities to share your research outside your university
  • Website : an information tool where you can share your news and share materials
  • Possible services to students and researchers:
  • Writing assistance for the Common CV for professors
  • Writing assistance for students
  • Assistance in writing grant applications, projects, etc.
  • Workshops for languages, writing, communications, networking, etc.
  • Other services not offered by departments and faculties 

Become a member!

Seed Money for Projects

Deadline: April 1st, 2021

The objective of the CentrEau Seed Money Program is to promote the emergence of collaborative and cross-sectorial research projects in the field of water by giving seed money to researchers (financial leverage).

Three non-renewable $ 20,000 envelopes are available each year. These amounts are to be used to cover research-related expenses.

To be eligible, the project must:

More details: Consult the complete rules » (PDF, 126 Ko) 

Accepted Projects 

Appel (session)ProjetMembres impliqués
S2020Surveillance and epidemiology of the SARS-CoV-2 virus using wastewaterDominic Frigon (PI) 
Françoise Bichai, Sarah Dorner, Marc-André Labelle, Alain Létourneau, Céline Vaneeckhaute, Peter Vanrolleghem, Richard Villemur and Viviane Yargeau
F2020Decentralizing Urban Water Management in Quebec: The Environmental and Economic Case for Hybrid Wastewater SystemsFrançoise Bichai (PI)
Dominique Claveau-MalletYves ComeauSarah DornerSophie Duchesne, Jie He and Flavia Visentin
H2020Development and optimization of multi-criteria spatial analysis (GIS) tools for urban planning to support decision making on the location of green infrastructures

Danielle Dagenais (PI)

Françoise BichaiSarah Dorner, Roxane LavoiePeter Vanrolleghem