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Blue Drinks in Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke

As the vaccination campaign in Quebec finally lets us see the light, CentrEau and the Young Water Professionals of Canada invite you to a first Blue Drink for 2021, simultaneously in three cities of Quebec, in person!

Come network with water professionals in your area!


Montreal : Siboire Saint-Laurent, 5101 boul. Saint-Laurent

Quebec City : 867, avenue Myrand

Sherbrooke : Refuge des Brasseurs, 2155, rue Galt Ouest


The program includes a brief presentation by an expert to give you something to talk about, discussions and fun!

Montreal : "Wastewater based epidemiology applied to the SARS CoV-2 global pandemic", by Stephanie Loeb, professor at McGill University

Quebec City : "Wastewater-based detection of COVID-19", by Thomas Maere, research profesionnal at Université Laval

Sherbrooke : "Different approaches to stormwater management at the parcel scale" by Christian Vézina, Senior Director - Sales and Strategic Development, Avizo Experts-Conseils


Researchers and students, municipal staff, private experts, NPOs, etc. are welcome.


Spots are limited. The event will be cancelled if health and social conditions worsen. Wearing a mask and respecting other protective measures (e.g. vaccination passport) are mandatory.