Governance of c-EAU

Organizational Structure

The management of the Center's affairs is ensured by a Concertation Committee, an Executive Office, an Strategic Advisory Committee,a Student Committee, a Director and a General Members Assembly.

  • The Concertation Committee is responsible, among other things, for approving the annual report and the financial statements, commenting on the annual business plan and supervising agreements between the Center and one or more departments;
  • The Executive Office, in addition to managing members, defines and reviews scientific programming, adopts the annual business plan and budget estimates, and decides on the use of funds;
  • The Strategic Advisory Committe acts as an adviser to the Executive Office and is the interface between the Board of Directors and current and potential partners;
  • The Student Committee represents student members within the Executive Office;
  • The director is the main showcase of the center. He implements the decisions of the Executive Office and the Concertation Committee and represents the Center with university authorities and partner institutions;
  • The General Members Assembly monitors the Center's progress, in particular by assessing the Director's report on a minimum annual basis;

Executive Office

Concertation Committee