c-EAU (ULaval)

Director: François Anctil

The Water Research Centre of Université Laval (c-EAU) is a recognized multifaculty body of the Université Laval which promotes research, training and knowledge transfer in the field of water resources. Its mission is to contribute to a better interrelation with water resources by training experts, advancing knowledge and improving practices.

The Centre has privileged relations with the Hydro-Québec Institute on environment, development and society of Université Laval for the joint promotion of activities and multidisciplinary and intersectoral research in environment and sustainable development. The Centre is the gateway to Université Laval for water-related research.


he CENTREAU was first created November 13, 1969, as the Centre de recherches sur l'eau (CENTREAU). With a grant by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources - Canada, CENTREAU quickly took off and contributed to the expansion of water research at Université Laval as well as to the training of water professionals. In 1971, the centre already had 42 research members. The CENTREAU was already, at the time, an interdisciplinary centre which tackled natural sciences as well as social sciences and had a desire to search for solutions to problems in developing countries. In 1976, the Cahiers de CENTREAU are launched. These books are a collection of studies that aim at disseminating the work of researchers at Université Laval in the field of water. Consultez les cahiers de CENTREAU, publiés entre 1976 et 1979 et les rapports annuels du centre ». The centre ceased its operations in the mid-1980s.

Given the creation of the water engineering curriculum and the scale of water research at Université Laval, it seemed only natural to bring back to life this great research centre in 2015. The Centre has been recognized as an official research centre of Université Laval in 2016, and a strategic cluster (CentrEau) was born from the centre in 2019.

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